Enter a World of Wonder: Our Lineup of Exceptional Games

Over the years, we’ve created unique immersive worlds and gameplay. Our games are meant to be both competitive and collaborative in nature, designed to be accessible and easy to learn but hard to master. Giving players a sense of progression as they improve their skills. Our games also showcase cutting-edge technology, such as VR and AR, and are often recognized for their innovative gameplay mechanics and industry-leading features. We strive to provide players with unforgettable experiences that push the boundaries of what is possible in the gaming world.
The Machines Arena Backdrop

The machines arena

TMA is a fast-paced hero shooter where players clash in intense battles delivered from a top-down perspective. Compete against other players in explosive PvP matches, work together to beat your opponents, or try your hand in PvE, death run mode, and get a well-deserved dose of adrenaline. A game that is easy to learn and hard to master.
Civitas Backdrop


Civitas is the world’s first community-driven Play & Earn strategy game.

Collaborate with thousands of like-minded citizens to build, develop, and advance your city. Compete with others for scarce resources to become the city everyone else admires.

Oasis characters team

Ready player one: oasis

Ready Player One: Oasis beta was published in 2018 in cooperation with Steven Spielberg/Amblin Entertainment and Warner Brothers, created for being a key stepstone in creating a true metaverse, thanks to Directive’s proprietary backend technology. This is the first VR experience to give players access to Ernest Cline’s beautifully realized digital universe, The Oasis. It is composed of thousands of interconnected game planets known as modules. Each module contains a set of rules and game content for players to explore using their avatar.
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Robot AR on table

The machines AR

The Machines AR was published in 2017. One of the highest-grossing AR titles. It received multiple industry recognitions, including iOS Game of the Year in 2016, and was featured multiple times on iOS and Google Play. The Machines AR is one of the world’s first competitive multiplayer games played entirely in Augmented Reality. Your physical position is the competitive edge against enemies. Victory or defeat depends entirely on your skills, strategic thinking, and ability to maneuver troops and yourself around the battle.

The franchise is being extended in new original games.
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Super Kaiju battle field

Super Kaiju

Super Kaiju, published in 2016, was a competitive cross-platform title that has been pivotal for the development of the first phase of the VR industry. Very popular in VR arcades globally. It was also adopted by early VR eSport tournaments in China. Made exclusively to take full advantage of Virtual Reality, Super Kaiju is a fast-paced, highly accessible arena shooter.
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